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Savannah Jaycees, Inc. Newsletter

Service Partner, Service Project & How You Can Get Involved!

July 2014
     The Savannah Jaycees mission is to Inspire Leadership Growth Through Community Involvement.
     We encourage all members and potential members to join us as our organization continues to grow. Please participate in any and all of our upcoming events and fundraisers.
Don’t forget: the Savannah Jaycees are Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce Members.  What does that mean for members?  We have special member pricing for all chamber events.  That’s just one perk of membership!
Our next meeting:   

is the Leadership NOW! Lecture Series onTuesday, August 5th.  Networking begins at 5:30 p.m. and the program begins at 6.  Our guest speaker is Mark Howard with the Memorial Health Foundation.  Dinner and drinks will be served.




We will be amending the Savannah Jaycee bi-laws. They were last amended in 2009.  All active members will be emailed a copy of the bi-laws the board has been working tirelessly on.   Members will vote on the new bi-laws at our business meeting onTuesday, August 19th.

Savannah Jaycees Announce 2014-2015 Service Partner:  Coastal Pet Rescue

     The Savannah Jaycees are proud to announce the beginning of a year-long partnership with Coastal Pet Rescue.

Coastal Pet Rescue is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue organization, based here in Savannah, Georgia.  CPR is dedicated to saving the lives of homeless, abused and neglected dogs and cats in the Coastal Empire and surrounding areas.

The organization’s goal is to lower euthanasia rates at our county animal control in a variety of ways; bringing adoptable pets into the program for medical and social rehabilitation as well as re-homing.  The organization also provides valuable resources to pet owners.  Coastal Pet Rescue encourages pet owners to by responsible by making the commitment to their pets and to prevent them from contributing to the homeless pet population by spaying or neutering their animals and by microchipping their pets.

Much like members of the Savannah Jaycees, Coastal Pet Rescue’s founder, Lisa Scarbrough, and volunteers believe that one person can make a difference in the life of an animal in need.

Coastal Pet Rescue was founded in 2003.

     We will work to help CPR raise money and awareness for their cause from now until the end of June 2015.  Some of our partnership efforts include a kitty litter drive and a date night auction on September 18th and the Cruise for Critters on September 28th.
Find out more by clicking on the below links:

Charity Date Auction to Benefit Coastal Pet Rescue: How You Can Help…

     The Savannah Jaycees is hosting a Charity Date Auction on Thursday, September 18th at Savannah Smiles Dueling Piano Bar in downtown Savannah.
     Members and non-members can get involved in a variety of ways; volunteering to be auctioned off, donating gift cards for the “dates”, and of course by inviting people to bid on those being auctioned off.
     “We’re hoping to have as many people as possible to raise money for such a great cause.  I have friends that have hosted charity date auctions in other cities and raised a lot of money for other charities. We chose a charity date auction because it’s a fun event and a great way to get people involved, raise money, and bring awareness to the cause,” says Brittany Rowland, Charity Date Auction Chairperson.
     If being auctioned off isn’t for you, join us for the Charity Date Auction.  We need plenty of singles to bid on those who will be auctioned off to benefit our furry community members.
     The event will be from 7-10 p.m. on Thursday, September 18th at Savannah Smiles, which is located at 314 Williamson Street.   Each person will be charged $5 for admission.  Savannah Smiles is letting the Savannah Jaycees keep all of the admission money for the duration of our event.
     All of the money raised at the Charity Date Auction will be donated to Coastal Pet Rescue, our 2014-2015 Service Partner.

For more information about the Charity Date Auction, Click Here for our Facebook event page.

If you’d like to be auctioned off, have a single friend who would like to be auctioned off for a great cause or if you can donate a gift certificate for the dates, contact Brittany Rowland via email by clickinghere.

Purchase your ticket now by clicking here.

For more information on Coastal Pet Rescue, click here.

To follow CPR on facebook, click here.

Service Project: It Didn’t Rain On Our Parade
Project Chair, Mo McCaskill is hard at work!

     The rain last Saturday didn’t stop the Savannah Jaycees from rolling up their sleeves and getting dirty for a great cause.  The grounds of the Coastal Empire Montessori School on Buckhalter Road got a facelift with new plants and shrubs and mulch.  The group planned to do more work, but the wet weather prevented them from painting/staining a huge outdoor pavilion.

A return trip is planned to further revitalize the grounds of the school.  In the next stage, the Savannah Jaycees will paint/stain an outdoor pavilion, put lattice on the roof of the pavilion, build benches and hopefully lay more mulch.  We’re still in the process of gathering more donations.  If you know someone who can donate lattice, contact Sarah Westberry via email by clicking here.

Phase 1 of the service project at Coastal Empire Montessori School could not be complete without generous donations from Lowes, Home Depot, The Lawn Bull, & Tractor Supply.

     The Savannah Jaycees volunteered in a joint project with Launch Savannah, an under 40 group through the Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce.

To see more pictures, head to the Savannah Jaycees Facebook page by clicking here.

If you have pictures to share/post to our Facebook page and website, please email them to Randi Hempel by clicking here.

Are you interested in joining one of our committees?
For more information on the Membership Committee, contact Marianne Ganem Poppell by clicking here.
For more information on the Community Development Committee, contact Cheryl Lawrence by clicking here.
For more information on our Communications Committee, contact Randi Hempel by clicking here.
For more information on the House Committee, contact Nicole Hyatt by clicking here.
For more information on the Treasury Committee, contact Will Gruver by clicking here.
If you’d like to contact our 2014 Savannah Jaycees President, Sarah Westberry, click here.
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  This group of young professionals has been in Savannah since 1942!       The Jaycees is a national and international organization made of up business men and women between the ages of 21 and 40. The United States Jaycees was founded in 1920.
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  Would you like to be a part of a philanthropic organization where you can serve your community, learn leadership skills that will help you grow in your career, network and make new friends?
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Help a Kitty Out!  We’re doing our best to help our 2014-2015 Service Partner, Coastal Pet Rescue.  CPR is in need of Kitty Litter.  Helping is simple.  All you have to do is stop at a store and purchase some of that soft stuff so our feline friends have a place to…(you fill in the rest…)
Bring Litter to The Hut: For Our Leadership NOW! Meeting on Tuesday, August 5th and our Business Meeting on Tuesday, August 19th!  For more info, contact Cheryl Lawrence via email by clicking here.